As I moved to the town in Norway known for it's rain my mother advised me to get a raincoat. The problem with most of the raincoats they sell in the stores is that they have no shape at all. They tend to have more or less the shape of a giant bag hanging on… Continue reading Raincoat

Keeper of Things

Kindle Cover

Not long after I started this blog it was decided that I should move to the other side of the country. Naturally that didn't leave much time for blogging. But I did make a couple of things before the packing started, and I have also made some things after. As I've grown a bit tired… Continue reading Kindle Cover


Tutorial: How to sew a gore into a cut opening

This is the technique I've used to sew a triangular gore into a cut opening in the fabric. The fabric with the cut opening is shown in grey, and the gore fabric in red. ┬áHere is the fabric with the cut opening. First you need to cut of the top of the triangular gore. The… Continue reading Tutorial: How to sew a gore into a cut opening