My name is Marie and I was born on the rainy west coast of Norway in the year of 1988.

I needed a place to show of my more creative side. Both so I can save it for myself for the future, but also because, you know, sharing is caring. My creative side tends to lean towards sewing and photography, but also small home decor projects and other random projects do happen.

I love the nerdier parts of this world. I have a passion for costumes, adore historical clothing and Harry Potter is my religion.

And do you wonder why I called this Grim Creations? Do I really think that my creations are that horrible?

Well… You could think of the brothers Grimm? Or did you know that in norse “grímr” meant a masked person?

But really, “grim” is just a part of my name and I like the sound of it. Easy peasy.